Lehmanns Brothers

I francesi Lehmanns Brothers sono la funk band europea del momento, vincitori del contest live Shure Call for Legends, hanno avuto la possibilità di esibirsi al Montreaux Jazz Festival in Svizzera questa estate. Sono solo ventenni ma hanno già avuto l’onore di aprire concerti di Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker e Wu-Tang Clan. Utilizzano sottili melodie jazz e funk degli anni ’70 aggiungendo un tocco di hip-hop e di neo-soul. La loro musica è influenzata in particolare da James Brown, Jamiroquai, The Roots e da A Tribe Called Quest e le esibizioni del gruppo creano un’atmosfera di festa tutta da ballare.


French band Lehmanns Brothers is currently the most active funk band in Europe! Winners of the Shure Call for Legends – Live band contest, they were performing this summer at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Only in their twenties, they have already played in the opening acts of Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker and Wu-Tang Clan during music festivals and concerts halls. Using subtle jazz melodies and funk from the 70s with a small touch of hip-hop and neo-soul, they appear on stage ready to set it on fire! Influenced in particular by the music of James Brown, Jamiroquai, The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest, the group’s performances have a groovy party vibe and what they really want is to make the crowd dance and go crazy to the rhythm. The Lehmanns Brothers’ original groovy hip-funk-hop is an experience not to be missed.