Izzy & The Catastrophics

Cucite assieme rock n’ roll, swing, surf, honky-tonk e bebop! Izzy and the Catastrophics sono una tra le band statunitensi più insolite ed intriganti del momento. Nonostante venga spesso paragonata alle leggendarie bands rockabilly, in verità questa bizzarra formazione mescola tutta la tradizione in uno stile vulcanico ed originale. Colonna portante nonché leaderband è l’eccentrico chitarrista/cantante newyorkese Izzy Zaidman, celebre veterano della leggendaria band di Wayne “The Train” Hancock. In autunno 2019 il nuovo album «Rome is Burning» sarà pubblicato e il gruppo sarà in tournée in Italia, Germania e altri paesi d’Europa


Stitching together rock n’ roll, swing, surf, honky-tonk, and bebop, Izzy and the Catastrophics are a profoundly exciting and challenging group. Often compared to rockabilly greats of the past, Izzy and his boys are carrying the tradition into the 21st century with flair and frenzy. The one constant has always been Izzy Zaidman, veteran guitarist of Wayne “The Train” Hancock’s band. Fronting the group with swagger and zest, his masterful guitar playing is surpassed only by his witty songwriting and razor-sharp stage banter. The band will release their new album “Rome is Burning” in Fall 2019 and will tour around Italy, Germany and other European countries.