Spiagge Soul is a dynamic soul music festival set by the seaside of Ravenna (Italy), in the heart of the so called riviera romagnola. Since 2009 the festival, which takes place during the month of July, has animated local beaches offering a freely accessible programme of live concerts played by big and internationally famous artists coming from all over the world.

In a marine and marsh setting which slightly reminds of Mississippi riverside, Spiagge Soul realises a match between local and Afro-American traditions, two apparently different realities which actually share a number of values, from people friendliness and hospitality, to the attachment of these fierce and passionate lands to their own roots.

The passion for black music and an interest in its evolutionary process, together with the typical joyfulness of gathering of our land have been fundamental features since the first edition.

When July comes a wave of groovy and positive vibrations flows though the beaches, the bars and the squares, creating a place where soul lovers, families and turists can enjoy and wonderful athmosphere of fun and involvement.

Yet, Spiagge Soul is not just music and live concerts. Food plays an important role during the days of the festival and each location offer a special menu with traditional recipees of Romagna in order to satisfy both body and soul.


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